Look at you. You’re so young but you’re so sad. And what’s there to be sad about? A boy? A girl? Stop it. Give it time and in a couple months you’ll look back and laugh at pictures of them with your friends. They aren’t as special as you make it seem. Or maybe I was wrong. Maybe it’s school? Listen school doesn’t measure intelligence. You have so much potential. Maybe you failed that chemistry test or totally bombed your math final. Who cares? You were bound to forget the material 10 seconds after the exam anyway, right? Just take a deep breathe and try hard to do well anyway.You’re great at something, just not something that school offers. You can get through this. But maybe I’m way over my head. And it’s not school or a boy. Maybe you don’t have many friends and you’re lonely. Maybe your parents just won’t stop making you angry. Maybe you should just focus on the positive instead of the negative. Step outside. Wow, look at the color of the sky today. Can you hear the sound of the rain as it falls onto your face? Doesn’t the warmth of sunlight feel great against your face? It’s a beautiful world and yes there are many things to be upset about. But at the end of day, it’s still a beautiful world, and you’re a beautiful person. Just try and find the love in everything because believe me. It’s there.
words of advise from me (via sixpenceee)